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We Believe in the Power of 

Good Food and Good Company

Kristen Opperman

Owner, Head Chef

Kristen grew up in Kalispell, MT and eventually returned here to raise her family after traveling around the United States and the world for 7 years.  While becoming a mom has been her greatest joy, her true passion is bringing people together over a delicious meal.


After ten years of filling family and friends' bellies for free, she decided to go pro in the Spring of 2015 after the birth of her youngest son when she took over the business from another caterer.  After 5 years in the business, she decided to change the name, rebrand and truly make it her own as the "K" in Kopper.


She continues to perfect her craft with local cooking classes from professional chefs and daily feeding her family of 8 (not to mention friends and extended family).  While inspired to cook by her many worldwide travels, her favorite food to prepare is truly the food right in front of her whether that be homestyle chicken noodle soup for her kids, or gourmet appetizers for a party of 200.


When not in the kitchen, you can find her at her local CrossFit gym, hiking the local trails, or fishing with her husband and kids.  She loves an evening in or out with her best friends and believes that any time is a good time for coffee.

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